• Kyokushin Tournaments

    Full-contact tournament fighting has been a hallmark of Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin Karate since the All-Japn tournaments of the late 60’s, and especially since the commencement of Mas Oyama’s world tournaments held every 4 years since 1975.…

  • IKO Matsushima

    We, the International Karate Organization Kyokushin Kaikan - I.K.O. Matsushima Group are an active succession of the way of Budo Karate, along with the legacy of the founder Masutatsu Oyama. Through the discipline of our hearts and bodies, we continually endeavour to interact as an authentic international organization. …

  • I K K A

    As a non profit organization, IKKA puts a stress on the importance of character building of young generation in Indonesia. IKO Matsushima to which IKKA affiliate itself, is an International Karate Organization which promotes pluralism, democratism, humanity, and also expects high standard of training from their members, and that really meets the perspective of IKKA .…

  • Invitation Letter

    Dear Shihan,Sensei,Senpai,Branch Chiefs and Dojo Operators of IKO Matsushima,Oss.
    On behalf of IKO Matsushima Indonesia,Indonesian Kyokushin Karate Association- IKKA,we would like to invite you to attend The 1st Asian Pacific Championship in Jakarta,Indonesia,on 21st May 2017.…

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