As President of I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA, I would like to congratulate Branch Chief Setia Purnama running this big event; the 1st I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA Asian Pacific Championship 2017 in Indonesia. I am very confident that this championship will be great success. I say thank you so much to all persons who paid efforts to make such an event becomes success. And also I am very glad to know the growth and development of IKKA. I know enough how Shihan Setia Purnama and Officials have been working hard for the development of Kyokushin Karate and have been contributed for I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA Kyokushinkaikan for long times. .

Kyokushin Karate is Budo. I’m sure almost of them are seeking for being strongest not only physically but also spiritually. The 5th I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA World Open Kyokushin Karate Tournament and the 5th I.K.O.MATSUSHIMA World Open Women Weight Division Kyokushin Karate Tournament were held on 26th,27th November 2016 in Maebashi City ,Gumma Japan successfully. I really appreciate to all participants. The next World Cup will be held in Shanghai, China 2018. I hope that a lot of members will attend at World Cup in China. Nowadays terrorism took a heavy toll of human lives all over the world. I want to appeal that there is nothing but the Kyokushin sprit that can save today’s confused world. I’m very happy that we have good friendship all over the world through Kyokushin Karate. I would like to ask the fighters to do best with the pride of true Martial Artist and true Kyokushin Karateka.

President Yoshikazu Matsushima
I.K.O. MATSUSHIMA Kyokushinkaikan

"It is an honour that Indonesian Kyokushin Karate Association being appointed to organize the first Asian Pacific Championship which initiated by Hanshi John Taylor. Through these activities we build better communication between countries,enhance sportsmanship,bring competitions standard to a higher level and last but not least,gain experiences that will benefit us walking along the Budo way"..

Branch Chief Setia Purnama
I.K.O. MATSUSHIMA Kyokushinkaikan


MALE FEMALE MALE Aged 40 and over
Open Over 85 kg Open Over 62.5 kg Open Over 85 kg
Open Over 75-85 kg Open Up to and including 62.5 kg Open Over 75-85 kg
Open Over 65-75 kg Open Up to 55 kg Open Over 65-75 kg
Open Under 65 kg
Open Under 65 kg
BOYS 12-14 BOYS 15-17
Up to 35 kg Up to 55 kg
35 - 40 kg 55 - 60 kg
40 - 45 kg 60 - 65 kg
Over 45 kg Over 65 kg


  • By Shihan Roman Szyrajew
    North-American Chairman and Canadian Branch Chief

    To the Indonesian Kyokushin Karate Association, its Chairman, Committee members, Senseis, Sempais and students of all belt levels:
    OSU from Canada. As North-American Chairman and Canadian Branch Chief, I am honoured to salute your efforts and to congratulate you in organizing the first I.K.O Matsushima Asian Pacific Championship on May 21, 2017, in Jakarta. This event marks a significant step forward for our Organization worldwide and is a testament to the ever growing reputation of I.K.O Matsushima. Under the capable and dedicated leadership of Kancho Matsushima and Hanshi Taylor, our Organization continues to grow and to foster international goodwill through events such as yours. In this way we demonstrate to all participants and spectators that we hold true to our values of sportsmanship, respect, brotherhood and sisterhood, regardless of nationality or religion, in the true Budo spirit of our founder Mas. Oyama.
    I am convinced that your tournament will be a tremendous success. The demonstration of an important presence of our Organization in the Asian-Pacific region is essential if we are to continue to expand and represent the true inheritance of Mas. Oyama. And so, with proper respect and homage to your deceased Shihan Nardi T. Nirwanto Sa and on behalf of all North- American members of I.K.O Matsushima, I bid you fond salutations from Canada and the best success for your event.

  • By Shihan Palitha Galappaththi
    Branch Chief IKO Matsushima - SRILANKA

    It is a great pleasure for me to issue a message on this occasion. On behalf of International karate organization kyokushin kai kan I K O Matsushima and It’s Incorporated Kyokushin Asia, please accept my warm congratulations for your ASIAN – PACIFIC CHAMPION SHIP JAKARTA forth coming grand karate tournament plan to be held on 21st MAY 2017.
    I’ve observed good spirits among the millions of Martial artists few kyokushin rather. All the Martial artists are here with very good sportsman ship. As a Bodo sport, karate-ka must possess excellent sportsman ship with samurai spirit. Through this quality, they have been excellent individually and for their mother countries.
    But, karate is not a sport. It is more than sport. It’s a martial arts or martial science It’s a religion I prefer.Specially full contact way of kyokushin Karate is a physical and mental educational system which contains ancient wisdom and philosophy with reality of painings.
    All mind (Martial artists) are not only needed to have good sportsmanship and fighting spirit, but also the spirit to uphold justice and truth for themselves and for those who are unable to do so.
    It’s time to renew the karate spirit in our country, to remove the old and replace with the new. Here, I wish all karate-ka, to bravely stand up for justice and the truth. I wish all karate-ka to stand tall and be proud to be world wide and no longer need to bow to the supremacy of pseudo authority.
    Lastly, I wish all contestants good luck. If you win, please do not be proud but continue to pursue the finest knowledge and quality in life in fighting empty hand. For those who lose, please do not give up, do continue to improve and prove your ultimate spirit in your mind.
    Please enjoy your life entertaing game of death and through full contact karate, we make friends and close ties with incorperted kyokushin Asia Sri Lanka. I extend my greetings and felicitations of organizers and participants and wish them all the best and success..